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Ecological desing of the Mami Rest UMA®.
95% of its elements are recycled, are rooted in nature and the industrial use of component materials draws from renewable sources.

Adaptable and versatile. If necessary, measures (1.90 x80x15) and the distances between the holes can be varied (in most cases, without increasing the price). You can place the Mami Rest UMA® on the massage table, bed, carpet, etc.. according needs or preference.

Handmade. Basically the whole process is done by hand (latex cut, deburring, covers sewing, packaging…).

Main piece
      Measures: 190x80 cm.
      Composition: 100% látex
      Density: + 75 Kg/m3
      Total height: 15 cm.
      Weight: 20 Kg.
      Foldable for transport and storage.

      Mattress protector: 100% algodón
      Mattress cover: algodón 100% natural
      (washable protector & cover)
      Weight: 290 grs./m2
      Velcro & Zippers
        (high resistance)


  Latex and its advantages:

• Latex is totally transpirable since it comes from organic material, that give it
an excellent internal ventilation.

• Hygiene: it makes no dust or down. It is recommended in cases of asthma and similar health problems. Bacteria can not inlay in latex.

• Firmness and form: provides correct support for spinal cord.

• Adaptable (flexible and stretchable): facilitates nutrition and cellular renovation. The body weight is distributed in a uniformly which can be translated into excellent lymphatic, neuronal and blood circulation.

• Durability: its extraordinary resistance makes it practically non-malleable, while it guarantees a permanent use satisfaction.


Comfort & health

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